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Champagne Walls  $150

white back.jpg

DLUX champagne walls are self stock and self service! 

Adds a perfect wow factor and a creative way to serve your guest! 

Available in :




Mohogany with Green Hedge Backing

Each Wall Holds 28 Flutes 

Option of plastic or glass flutes available 

Uses :



Party Favors
Seating Charts


Treat/Drink Ladders $40


A cute and unique way to display your treats or drinks! Double sided so people can come up and grab their treat from any angle! 

Available in :
White & Mohogany 
Slots to hold 40 items 
Treat ladder.jpg

Portable Bar Table $50

Tabletop Shots Wall
$ 35

Indoors or outdoors events are just better with a portable bar. The bar is folding/collapsible for easy setup wherever needed. This bar is the perfect rental for events where you’d like to serve a wide range of cocktail items, wine or beer.


Shots! Shots! Shots! 

Show off at your event with this table top Shot Wall! This self-serving shot station will get your guests to say "lets take some shots"!

Can hold up to 16 glass or plastic shot cups per wall. 

Treat  Wall $50

Donut  Wall $35-45

Mini Treat Table $35

Perfect solution to displaying your treats, keepsakes, or treat boxes! 

We love donuts! Your guest can enjoy them too! Add a table top donut wall to hold your treats at your dessert table!

9 & 16 Peg available and  3 vertical holders 

Also perfect for brunch!

Perfect to place regidtries, extra favors, or gifts! 


Bundle and save! 

Create the perfect esthetic for your event with some added elegance by DLUX! 

Bundle $200

Pick and choose what rentals would best suit your desired esthetic and create the perfect  focal point for your event!

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